September 2021

September traditionally in this country marks the beginning of the school year and our first thoughts must be about all adults and children embarking on another round of teaching and learning and to wish them a safe (and uninterrupted) and successful time.

Courtesy of my ‘Oldie’ magazine I have learned several factoids about September which I pass on for my reader’s ( punctuation is deliberate) edification:

  • September is the ninth month and has nine letters in its name, a coincidence which occurs in no other month
  • There are more popular songs with September in the title than any other month
  • The Great Fire of London began on 2nd September 1666
  • September isn’t mentioned anywhere in the works of Shakespeare

But aside from these trivial matters September brings round a momentous event in the life of St Andrews. On September 19th we shall be celebrating, along with other churches, organisations and individuals ‘International Talk Like a Pirate Day’. For some reason the church lectionary omits this remarkable festival but that is no reason for us to forego the opportunity to greet one another in a piratical manner and pepper our conversation with Ooohs and Arrrs and Yo Ho Hos and experience a mutual shivering our timbers in celebration. I believe our Organist will have suitable music planned and, whether we can sing out loud due to Covid restrictions or not, we can all growl along merrily to the seasonal favourite ‘Fifteen Men on a Dead Man’s Chest’ (Hymns Ancient & Modern very revised).

This will set us up nicely for September 25th when we shall all welcome our new Vicarrrrrr Liz Oglesby-Elong and her family to St Andrew’s and to Biggleswade. We look forward to a marvellous day and even better months and years lying ahead under her ministry. But we recognize that it is not entirely down to her. We believe she is God’s choice for this place, and we understand that we, the crew of St Andrew’s have a part to play. We promise not to expect too much too soon and to accept our own responsibility, always asking ourselves in the words of an old friend of mine, “Who ministers to the minister?”

So ahoy there Liz, Sam, Oscar and David…..welcome aboard.

Colin Dixon

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