Sunday Evening Services

We hold worship every Sunday evening at 6pm, each week has its own unique service engaging different ways to praise God.

  • First Sunday: Sung Evensong
  • Second Sunday: "Sunday at 6” - Contemporary Worship Service
  • Third Sunday: Evening Prayer with Hymns
  • Fourth Sunday: Compline
  • Fifth Sunday: Alternative Service

These services are not currently not running due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.

There are many ways to praise the true and living God and each Sunday evening, we reflect a different tradition of worship. From services with centuries of history to contemporary services with modern music, we hope that you will find these services bring you closer to God.

Sung Evensong has a particular style and form that is unlike the other Sunday services. It is a Service of the Word which makes more extensive use of the Psalms and Canticles (songs from the Bible). Sung Evensong combines the rhythm of music and the spoken word to recreate a service which has been observed for hundreds of years. The atmospheric, monastic tradition forms part of the shape of the service, inviting silence and stillness in the evening.

"Sunday at 6" is a contemporary Service of the Word with a relatively informal style that is led by members of the church. The service combines a relaxed atmosphere with the best of modern songs and traditional hymns, and includes a reading and reflection, and a time of quiet response. It provides an opportunity for contemplation at the end of a week and the beginning of the next.



Evening Prayer with hymns, on the third Sunday, takes the same traditions of music, psalms and biblical narrative from Sung Evensong, but uses contemporary language and alternative music. This allows us to follow a traditional structure in a modern way.

Compline, also known as Night Prayer, is a quiet reflective service marking the end of the day. The tradition of Compline dates back to the Sixth Century and has been used by Christians through the centuries to contemplate the day passed and the day to come. Using modern language that still maintains the peaceful nature of the service, we pray and hear God’s word, preparing us for the new week.

On the fifth Sunday, different services will be held based on the season of the Liturgical year.

During certain seasons, such as Lent, the Sunday evening service will be replaced with a Deanery service either at St Andrew’s or another church in the Biggleswade Deanery.

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