Harvest 2021

We will be celebrating harvest festival on Sunday 3rd October and supporting our Bishops Harvest Appeal which is going to support a clean water project in the DCR (Democratic Republic of the Congo). 

“Life in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is tough. With a history of civil war, widespread poverty and a cycle of conflict and displacement, communities struggle every day. Also, more than 70 per cent of the DRC population use unsafe drinking water and so daily encounter the devastatingly high risk of cholera, a preventable disease. The Bishop of St Albans’ Harvest Appeal 2021, Water is Life, will bring clean water to many more communities in the DRC, bringing with it transformation to daily lives and hope for the future.”

Click here to find out more or to support the Bishop's Harvest Appeal


Every year, on the first Sunday in October, we thank God for his bounty and providence. We also remember to thank the farmers and all those involved in producing our food. It is an important festival and coincides with the traditional end of the agricultural harvesting period. There are many special prayers and songs for the day. Gifts of food are often made to support those less fortunate than ourselves.


Father, as we celebrate this season of thanksgiving We give thanks for the blessings of food, provision and nourishment. Please grow in us a harvest for the world. Come sow a seed of hope within our souls Lord, that we might yield goodness, patience and kindness in abundance. Sow a seed of peace in our lives Lord, that we might bear the fruits of forgiveness, compassion and righteousness. Come sow a seed of love in our hearts Lord, that others would reap the blessings of family, friendship and community. May each seed of hope, peace and love grow within us into a harvest that can be feasted on by all. Amen.


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